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Jim Raviscioni & Marsha Rife 

Greatly enjoyed you and Tom Saitta last night at Draft Picks in Pahrump. Looking forward to returning there for more great music tonight, New Year's Eve. Thank you for all the wonderful songs and memories.

Jim & Marsha

Tiger Todd Email

Listening to Joe Williams version of your "Changes" - a gift from fellow musician Ray Rich - and thought, "I would love the opportunity to perform this gem with you. Please let me know if, when and where and if I can help you get more of your brilliance known.


Nancy Abercrombie Email

Hi Tommy,
So happy to see you're still playing....

Haven't connected since my group "Calico Rose" used to cross the strip to catch you at the D.I. I've been writing positive philosophy music and practicing as a minister of metaphysics, since leaving lounges as a single

You were always an inspiration to me, probably the nicest gentleman on LV music scene! Perhaps we'll meet again.
Nancy "Collier" Abercrombie

Sandy Nitch 

Hi Tommy.  It was wonderful getting to perform with both you and Audie when I was in Pahrump this past January.  I am certainly looking forward to coming to visit you again at Tommasino's in May.  You are simply put one of the very best musicians that I have had the opportunity to work with.  AMAZING!  I can't wait.....Take care and I will see you again soon.  I would love to see the two of you put some pro-backing tracks together for purchase for those vocalists who are looking for quality backing tracks.

Much Love and Admiration,
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